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Media Production

My journey from gun-for-hire freelance designer to creating in-house media projects.

I have been involved in media production since the mid 1990s, beginning with advertising, branding and web development in Canada, expanding internationally. This page is intended to be a somewhat condensed summary of my journey from that to what I am doing now, which is almost exclusively in-house production of media in various forms.

Over two decades, I’ve learned a lot and covered a lot of ground and have tended toward always pushing myself to learn new skills. Of course for any sort of traditional employment, this can have both upsides and downsides, but I consider the strengths I have gained to far outweigh anything else, as it gives me what I need to succeed at my ultimate goal: Successful innovation and execution of my own products from beginning to end.

I’ve worked with names like Random House, Century Media and Epic Games among others, creating video trailers, branding and more, and at the same time, learning about how various industries work. But perhaps a bigger honor was getting to be involved with worthwhile efforts like promoting understanding and preservation of indigenous culture in North America.

Game Development

I never intended to become a game developer at all, but somehow along the way I got sucked into that world too, which taught me even more and opened up a lot of new avenues for storytelling.

Unreal Engine technology is something I’ve worked with since 2000, so pretty much since day one relatively speaking. What I discovered is that this software had the potential for much more than just games. By the time Unreal Engine 3 (UDK) came along, I spent a lot of my free time learning visual scripting, pushing development of the tools by creating many proofs of concept, addons, and tutorials while in pre-production for my series.

I worked on multiple indie titles and personal projects during this time including Unreal Tournament Revolution (mod), The Ball (Teotl Studios), Thurible, and Kismet Kid. Eventually, I even got to have a dream come true and contribute to the development of the new Unreal Tournament official reboot, and was even flown out to Epic Games’ HQ in Raleigh.


New Horizons

Eventually, it’s onward and upward to bigger and better things, right? It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 20 years of this constant sort of self-imposed education, many times going about things in much a harder way than I might have needed to.

Today, all of that has led to an understanding of what is necessary to get things done in my storytelling endeavors and opened up many possibilities for where I can take them.

That’s what’s going on, so look forward to it!