Inger: Father & Son

Inger: Father & Son

A young boy struggling to understand his father’s mysterious past, becomes a detective. Years later he will not only uncover the truth, but solve a murder.

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The true story of how unseen forces shape a family's lives - a war which leaves chaos and trauma in its wake spanning generations - and hope and meaning brought about by inexplicable events.

A young boy grows up in Sudbury, Canada, torn between the demands of modern Western culture and those of his Finnish father Eino, who still lives in the mindset of a war from half a century earlier. To cope, the boy resolves to transform into a successful detective, like his heroes in literature - until he finds himself on the wrong side of the law. Decades later, he has another opportunity to investigate again - not only Eino’s mysterious history, but also possibly solving a 75 year old murder cover-up: That of his own grandfather.

Inger: Father & Son is a new generational saga documenting the fates of those living in Ingermanland in WW2 Soviet Russia leading up the Siege of Leningrad, where over a million lost their lives. It also follows one family's trajectory from there to Gulag camps in Kazakhstan, forced labor in Estonia, and finally a journey to freedom through Finland, Sweden and Canada. But what is freedom?

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